Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hell of a storm in Reno....

Email just in from 6 miles down the mountain from Virginia City:

"We are going through the toughest storm since 1976 (or something). The winds have been clocked at over 150 mile per hour gusts and when I got home from work today the wind had blown out windows and broken some stuff and it looked like a hurricane hit the inside of the house!!!!

J and S.....you built a great home! Thank you, any other would have fallen apart, as they have all over Reno tonite.

Thank the good Lord we are fine, as are our pals (animals) and praise God for great neighbors!!!! J and wife to the rescue! The two men, J and husband, boarded up the broken windows with plywood, on a 20 foot ladder unfortunantly...they were both knocked down from the gail force winds and both had to sit down and gather their wind as well as their senses. Glad to say, they laughed about it and moved on... then the snow hit. I mean it's still coming down. Beautiful....plywood on the front doors and windows (socks stuffed in the edges) fire in the fireplace and Gods blessings on a solid built house....we love this place so much.

Just to let you know......winter may have "officially" arrived!........still no electricity, so the batteries on my laptop may die at any moment."


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