Friday, December 29, 2006

Brown, Ford, Hussein...all dead...

The Iraqis, now that they've managed to hang Saddam Hussein, have created a problem for themselves. They've hung him until he's dead. Now what they gonna do with the body? Tikrit, his hometown wants it. They think he should be buried next to his sons. Will that town make a martyr of him? Possibly. Should they burn the body up and scatter the ashes to the winds? Best not. Well, I reckon they'll figure something out.

So James Brown passed away too. And he's gonna be buried in a 24 karet gold casket. Dumb. Just how much time will pass before some enterprising grave robbers dig him up to get to that gold casket? Perhaps it's only gold plated. Still...

And then there's former President Gerald Ford who, after lying in state and all the formal ceremonies are finished, will be buried in his home State of Michigan. I suspect he is the only one of the three who will be allowed to rest peacefully.

The rule of three certainly came true this last month of 2006.

And meanwhile, there is Bush 43 down on his show ranch in Crawford Texas, running around with his chain saw, clearing brush, and riding his bicycle. I guess he needed a break after three hours of listening to cohorts telling him how to proceed in Iraq. It's hard work.

And out on the road sat Cindy Sheehan...who, with a couple of others, got hauled off to jail for blocking said road. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me. But one way or the other, she's gonna continue to demand Bush explain to her why he sent her son off to die in Iraq. Of course, being the coward he is, he ain't gonna do that. He's already said that, as president, he doesn't have to explain anything he says. As far as that goes, he undoubtedly believes...and certainly displays...that he doesn't have to explain anything he does either. He just sends Tony Snow out without giving Snow any explanation. Hard to explain what you don't know.

Meanwhile, John Edwards went down to New Orleans, grabbed a shovel and went to work for a bit...then announced he's running for President. Listening to him, I'm thinking both his heart and his brain are in the right place, but 2008 is a bit of distance away. At least that fact will allow him to try to gather the massive amount of money it will take to have a real chance.

So one strong, icy wind hit the West Coast and is traveling East once again bringing with it masses of snow and/or rain and causing all kinds of problems both on the ground and in the air.

The New Year 2007 is being brought in the hard way.


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