Monday, December 25, 2006

End of holiday greetings brawl...finally...

Well, Christmas Day, 2006, is slowly but surely coming to an end and none too soon. Attended a Christmas brunch today at a professional musician's home. Lots of nice people, a beautiful white tree, good food...though I didn't indulge having just come from breakfast.

And at home, lovely gifts. Was especially pleased with some peanut brittle from a small sweets shop on Vashon Island in Puguet Sound outside Seattle, WA. Thicker than factory made, and with texture. Tasted wonderful.

At this point, I can't even count the gorgeous photos of snow-laden places in print and online I've seen. Each and every one made me doubly glad that I live in San Diego. That's because I grew up in northern Illinois. If I never put a foot in snow again, it will be too soon. Pretty to look at though...and available. Just an hour and a half drive up into the mountains to the old gold-mining town of Julian, then right back down to sunshine and blue skies and the beach or the parks and warm weather.

Had breakfast on Denny's concrete shoebox patio again this morn with another writer. Biscuits, grits, two eggs over easy. The last, not good. I like solid whites with just a bit of softness in the yolks. In short, medium well. And toxic amounts of coffee. Wonderful, that suddenly dark chocolate and black coffee studies say both are good for a person. Love those studies.

Tomorrow morn, back to the Hacienda Hotel's Acapulco Restaurant patio in Old Town, where one or two other writers might well show up. No more than that because a group of us will be meeting at 5PM just to gather and carry on about every possible subject. Looking forward to that.


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