Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Whistleblowers to Able Danger...

From Secrecy News:

The National Security Whistleblowers Coalition disclosed last weekthat former NSA employee Russell Tice had been summoned to appearbefore a grand jury investigating the unauthorized disclosure ofclassified information. See related background, including a copyof the grand jury summons, on the Coalition web site here:

Mr. Tice and other national security whistleblowers testifiedbefore the House Committee on Government Reform last February, andthe record of that hearing has just been published.See "National Security Whistleblowers in the post-9/11 Era: Lost ina Labyrinth and Facing Subtle Retaliation," February 14, 2006:



Anonymous said...

One of the real Whistleblowers was an ex-policeman who worked for the company (ORION Scientific Services, now SRA) which did a great deal of the Able Danger report. His name is JD Smith. You can read his statment to the Senate at

Smit identifies a woman from California as the individual who had the Atta photo and provided links to al Qaeda. That woman, whom I will also decline to identify for her protection, also provided a threat analysis to ORION in late April of 2001. In that report she said bin Laden related groups would attack the US between September and December of 2001 with the highest likelyhood being in September. Most ORION reports went to DIA, but I don't know what happened with that one.

JD had already been unfairly fired by the only pencil necked geek at ORION by then so you'll have to check with people who were still there to see what happened. James Stinson was the President at ORION at the time and I think he is still available for asking at SRA ORION Center 20401 SW Birch Street, Suite 250
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: (949) 261-0226
Fax: (949) 261-0243

Watch it though, the pencil necked geek named McClave is still with them. He's partly at fault here so be careful

Watch 'n Wait said...

Anonymous...Thank you for that information. It's greatly appreciated. As for being careful...Will do.