Monday, August 07, 2006

San Diego Green Party says no to Diebold...

From Brad Blog:

San Diego Greens Call for Removal of Electronic Voting Machines
August 07, 2006
Released Aug 04, 2006

A Resolution of the Green Party of San Diego County, California calling for the removal
of electronic voting machines from the County of San Diego.

The Green Party of San Diego County does not endorse the protocols used for obtaining
and tabulating votes during the June 6 primary and previous elections.. As we outline
below, the process is fundamentally insecure leading to election results that are neither
accurate nor verifiable.

Whereas voting machines are known to have gone home overnight with poll workers
who had not undergone background checks, and who had unsupervised access to
these voting machines, as documented by Pamela Smith, Nationwide Coordinator, and Verified Voting Foundation, and poll workers Terry
Olson, Brian C. Baer, Patricia Mack Newton, and others, and admitted to by Registrar
of Voters Mikel Haas, who told the Union Tribune, that the practice of sending home
voting machines with poll workers "has been followed without incident for about 40 years." (Electronic voting machines have not been in use for 40 years, so the
Registrar's statement appears to be inaccurate.)…

(1) Whereas the multiple means of a single individual undetectably "hacking" both
optical scan and touch-screen machines have been documented by the Brennan
Center Report, the second report of the Irish Commission on Electronic Voting, and
the Hursti Reports…

(2) Whereas the Secretary of State has ignored his own technical advisory panel
regarding security safeguards submitted in their report on November 8, 2005…

(3) Whereas the machine count on optical scan machines used in two different
Iowa primary elections were found by a hand recount to have been inaccurate
and to have altered the results of the elections…

(4) Whereas observers have noted that there does not appear to be any public
oversight of the security of ballots between an election and a recount, the recount
process is no more transparent than the first tally, and the costs of recounts are
prohibitive ..

(5) Whereas the electronic voting machines to be used in the November election in
San Diego county produce no paper trail and cannot be verified or audited to ensure

(6) Whereas all vote counting must be public and it is humanly impossible to view
any tallying of votes which takes place within optical scan, touch screen machines or
central tabulators so as to ascertain that they have not been programmed to display
an incorrect result….

(7) Whereas the costs of the maintenance of electronic voting machines are prohibitive…

(8) Whereas the Registrar of Voters apparently plans to hire, at taxpayer expense,
at least one extra poll worker per precinct, a specialist whose duties include turning
the new voting machines on and off..

(9) And whereas all electronics quickly become obsolete and must be replaced, while
the costs and reliability of paper and pencil have remained relatively steady for
hundreds of years……

It has been resolved by the Green Party of San Diego County to call for the Board
of Supervisors of San Diego County to terminate the contracts with Diebold for
costly voting machines that do not and cannot meet certification standards, and to
put in place verifiable elections procedures, preferably paper ballots that would be
hand counted at the precincts in full public view.

This resolution adopted by the County Council of the Green Party of San Diego

9 Registrar of Voters employment application__

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