Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Think the military doesn't notice?

From Stars & Stripes--a letter from Iraq:

Losing faith in government

It is unfortunate, but I believe I have lost almost complete faith in my government.

Did anyone listen when people said the war would be easy to win, it’s the peace that will be hard? Did anyone in my government read any history about the culture in Iraq? Why does my president refuse to take his blinders off and look at the Iraq problem from a different view?

I now believe my government has lost touch with what’s really going on, not only in Iraq but in the U.S. as well. All I ask is that my government officials get off their bottoms and actually do something! I’m so glad I’m protected from flag-burning homosexuals in the country, but what about the real important issues?

I’m frustrated and angry that the best country in the world is allowing itself to fall apart. Will somebody please do something!

Staff Sgt. David C. MardonCamp Ramadi, Iraq

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