Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GAWD!!! Who are these people?!!!

One wonders if they're both deaf and blind!!!


CONTACT: William Greene

PHONE: 770-868-4517

November 15, 2005

RightMarch to Target MTV with ‘Right Brothers’ Music Video

WASHINGTON, DC – William Greene, President of the conservative on-line activist organization, is announcing his group’s plans to help spread the truth about the successes of the war in Iraq with a new music video for a song from the “Right Brothers” band called “Bush was Right”. The “Right Brothers,” a conservative duo out of Nashville, has been gaining a following by playing political events and rallies with songs containing conservative and patriotic lyrics.

“We’re in the process of pulling the video together,” said William Greene, President of “There’s a lot not being told about the successes in Iraq and we’re hoping to reach out to young people with a music video that tells the truth – that WMD’s were found in Iraq and there was a definite link between Saddam and Al Qaeda – that Bush was, in fact, right.”

RightMarch is planning to generate grassroots support for the song “Bush was Right” with the ultimate goal of reaching out to MTV and requesting the music video be played on “Total Request Live”. To listen to “Bush was Right” visit this link:

“It’s a good way to bring the facts about Iraq to young people. We hope there’s room for more than one point of view. It will be a test for the folks at MTV – whether they believe in artistic expression – or censorship,” concluded Greene. is a web based, conservative organization, dedicated to giving hundreds of thousands of hardworking, patriotic Americans across the country a strong collective voice in the political process. For more information, visit


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