Sunday, August 10, 2008

So...Did Gonzales, Bush, Rove et al, help? Hell no.

From The Texas Observer via :

Let There Be Light

Forrest Wilder reports for The Texas Observer: "For 36 years, the people of La Presa, a dusty neighborhood set among prickly pear cactus and squat huisache trees 10 miles south of Laredo, have lived without potable water, sewer connections, drainage, and properly maintained roads.

Water for drinking and cooking is hauled in by truck and stored in large, plastic barrels. Septic systems often consist of little more than a cesspool behind the house. Most of the 350 residents in this colonia - shorthand for a substandard development built in an unincorporated area without basic services - aren't connected to the electric grid. Instead, they get by with portable gas generators, electricity shared among neighbors via a daisy chain of extension cords, power poached from the grid, or nothing at all."


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