Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mike Lumpkin, Navy SEAL Commander vs Duncan Hunter Jr...

From Dem Mike Lumpkin's Campaign...

The good news just keeps coming! Yesterday afternoon we received official confirmation
that the DCCC is putting our race on the emerging list! The momentum in just the last two
weeks is amazing and inspiring.

Senators Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Bob Kerrey endorsed Mike and agreed to do a joint fundraiser in New York! In addition to those endorsements, Mike has drawn the attention
and endorsement of none other than General Wesley Clark! He joined the nation's most prominent veterans who have also endorsed Mike. Senator Jim Webb, Senator John Kerry,
and Senator Max Cleland have all committed their full support.

We have also received support from a growing list of Members of Congress including: Zoe Lofgren (CA, Chair of Delegation), Patrick Kennedy (RI), Mike Capuano (MA), Gene Taylor (MS), Neil Abercrombie (HI), Joe Sestak (PA), Patrick Murphy (PA) and neighboring
Members Bob Filner and Susan Davis.

Mike was also recently endorsed by the fabulous and motivated group of people at
Laborer's Union Local 89 - and he couldn't be more proud. If you belong to a local union, encourage them to get involved and help Mike help you keep good jobs and get better healthcare! We can't do it without you!

We also have some incredibly exciting possibilities on the front burner. Mike has been asked
to speak on behalf of Senator Obama at the National Defense Industrial Conference in the
next few weeks. There are also exciting rumors about the possibility of a speaking event at
the Democratic National Convention in Denver!!! As soon as we get confirmation you loyal Lumpkinites will be the first to know!!!



Anonymous said...

I happened upon your website while looking for info on Mr. Lumpkin. He certainly seems to be a man of high moral character, but I want someone who is progressive and right no the issues. After reviewing his website I have no idea if he is supports repealing don't ask - don't tell and if he would support universal health care. I cannot get excited over someone who says so little about their positions on the issues.

Watch 'n Wait said...

anonymous...Go here to learn about Mike Lumpkin:

Mass more info..just google.

Anonymous said...

Been there and done that. He is very evasive on his position on issues. There are virtually no endorsements of any groups that would dictate what his positions are on the issues. I admire his service to our country, but that alone is not a good reason to vote for him. What is his plan to make this a better country for us?

Will he support increases in education? How about mandating health care? Will he stop the constant attack against the GLBTs?

I am afraid he is not willing to cut defense spending and put it into programs that will benefit our future.