Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just a thought re. Bush at the Olympics...

It occurs to me that, in the photo of a blue shirt-clad Bush during the Olympics opening, the four men behind him who are either hauling him up or straightening him out in his chair, have to be
Secret Service.

Who else would dare handle him as they're doing? Who else would dare touch him unless he wished them to?

Only the Secret Service could manhandle a president in that way...and they wouldn't unless they absolutely had to do so.

So what condition was Bush in that it became necessary to haul him around in such a manner?



SheaNC said...

A. Drunk
B. Stupid
C. Drunk & Stupid
D. Stupid & Drunk
E. All of the above


Watch 'n Wait said...

Hey Sheanc, thanks for stopping by! I pick E. That fool is a shame and a disgrace. Be so glad when the nation and the world is rid of him.