Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So you want to write a book....

From Ken Kuhlken :


The big news this time isn't about any of my books. It's about Perelandra College, which Pam and I founded six years ago. After lots of work and struggles, the college has at last become accredited. Since the value of the degree and the transferability of coursework is largely dependent upon accreditation, this is a tremendous victory.

Our online graduate programs in Creative Writing and Counseling offer highest academic quality at about half the cost of comparable programs. Please take a look, at www.perelandra.edu. And consider helping us by passing the word along to others. .

About my author side: I'm mostly done with The Vagabond Virgin touring and am turning some attention to my web site and blog. On the Articles page of my web site are a new review of Stephen L. Carter's Palace Council, an extraordinarily worthy thriller and other articles you may have missed. On the blog (linked to my web site), I've been ranting about writer and reader stuff, and I include a pitch for Carter's first novel, Emperor of Ocean Park, which I found to be a source of inspiration.

When I mentioned Stephen Carter to my cousin Tim, he said he would check out one of the books at the library. Since times have gotten tougher financially, he confessed, he's been using the library more and the bookstore less. I'm a big fan of booksellers, especially independents. But I'm also a fan of libraries. And, having accepted the fact that I'll probably never get rich, I've begun to care little about whether people buy my books. What I care about is that people read them.

Next time you visit a library, please check out one of my Hickey family novels, take it home, read a page or two and see if it grabs you. If a library doesn't have the one you want, ask them to get one. If they refuse, let me know. I'll send some muscle to deal with them.

The Hickey family novels are: The Venus Deal (set in 1942, San Diego, Mt. Shasta, and Denver), The Loud Adios (set in1943, San Diego and Tijuana), The Angel Gang (set in 1950, Lake Tahoe and San Diego), The Do-Re-Mi (set in 1971, at a rural Northern California folk festival), and The Vagabond Virgins (set in 1979, San Diego and rural Baja). For more about them and my other books go to: http://www.kenkuhlken.net.

On August 30, Steve Saint, who teaches non-fiction writing for Perelandra College, is coming to San Diego from his home in Colorado Springs to lead a valuable workshop for writers. Here's the scoop on that:Freelance Writers Boot Camp Saturday, August 30, 2008 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Perelandra College 8250 La Mesa Blvd., La MesaVeteran journalists and book authors Ken Kuhlken and Steven Saint (go ahead, Google us!) will lead a most-of-the-day boot camp to inspire and invigorate your nonfiction career.

Be prepared to plug into the local writing community and pick up lots of practical tools of the trade, including: * Query-writing * Fiction Techniques in Nonfiction* Article Basics * On-the-spot feedback of queries, article outlines and other work submitted by interested students.

Students can bring bag lunches or go to one of the nearby restaurants before the afternoon sessions.

The college is on the trolley line. Cost is $40 (this is a special advance discount price being offered by email). General admission will be $45. To receive a registration form, email Steven Saint at ssaint@pcisys.net. Happy writing!

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE FREELANCE WRITERS BOOT CAMP: "Your class is very practical and I haven't seen anything like it offered at any of the colleges." - Larry Clouse

"Your strength is your REAL-LIFE stories - that answer questions for fiction and non-fiction. Just plain listening to someone else's observations and experiences is what keeps my light bulb on." -Jeannette DeVane

"I think that there are many out here who are writers who can benefit greatly from the your knowledge and expertise. The area I received the most personal benefit from was How to Write a Query. I had no idea about that part of the article process." - Tad Wilson

"I really enjoyed the workshop. Not only good information, but just being around all that writing energy is motivating." - Lucy Bell

"I have been letting my stupid job get in the way of doing what I want and need to do. Your class was just the shot in the arm I've needed for quite a while." - Vic Cruikshank

"You are a very informative and experienced teacher and that helps me believe in myself because you believe in yourself and what you want to do." - Susan Dougherty

Please consider joining us and/or sending writer friends. For those who live far away, think about making a weekend of it. The college is located across the street from the trolley line.

Fly to Lindberg Field, shuttle to Old Town, visit the historic park, watch a play, eat the world's best Mexican food. Saturday morning jump on the trolley at the Old Town station. Jump off in La Mesa and learn how to write for publication. Sunday, trolley to the harbor, Seaport Village, or Tijuana.

We only have room for about thirty people, so a quick decision and response is probably best..

Over the past couple years, Pam and I (assisted by poet Darlene Fitzgerald and graphic artist Jean Shen) have edited, typeset and sent to the printer the poetry of our beloved Olga Savitsky. The proof has come from the printer and we are making final corrections. When the book is ready, I'll send out a special edition of my infrequent newsletter to announce that Olga's unique and wonderful poems are available.

Your amigo or whatever,


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