Saturday, July 26, 2008

No pics of Marine deaths...No proof...

From New York Times via

Over 4,000 US Combat Deaths, Just a Handful of Images

Michael Kamber and Tim Arango report for The New York Times in Baghdad: "The case of a freelance photographer in Iraq who was barred from covering the Marines after he posted photos on the internet of several of them dead has underscored what some journalists say is a growing effort by the American military to control graphic images from the war.

Zoriah Miller, the photographer who took images of marines killed in a June 26 suicide attack and posted them on his web site, was subsequently forbidden to work in Marine Corps-controlled areas of the country.

Maj. Gen. John Kelly, the Marine commander in Iraq, is now seeking to have Mr. Miller barred from all United States military facilities throughout the world. Mr. Miller has since left Iraq.

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