Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama visit to Israel...Very dangerous....

From Levine Breaking News:


Obama 's planned trip to Israel and the West Bank has raised security concerns to levels not seen since the Illinois senator began his presidential bid, officials tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

Coming just weeks after shots were fired at Israel's TLV airport during a farewell ceremony for France's Sarkozy, from an apparent suicide of a security guard, Obama's trek to the region has become a serious logistical and safety challenge.

"I would prefer if he did not make the trip to Ramallah," a concerned government official explained Thursday night from Washington. "And he must use extreme caution throughout Israel at this time, in my opinion, especially Jerusalem."

A planned foot tour of Jerusalem's Old City has been called off, a senior source reveals. [Obama's specific itinerary is not being made public.] The six-day foreign adventure is set to begin. Campaign officials have announced stops in Jordan, Israel, Germany, France and England.


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