Friday, July 18, 2008

Plastic bags are safer and better than paper ones..and can be recycled!!!


Surprise! Plastic bags are better than paper bags for the environment:

Did you know?

*Banning recyclable plastic bags will not reduce our dependence on oil. In the USA, nearly 80 percent of polyethylene, the type of plastic used to make plastic bags, is produced from domestic natural gas not foreign oil.

*In 2006, 812 million pounds of plastic bag and film were recycled. That's enough material to make 1.5 million house decks, or 40 billion new plastic bags.

*Plastic bags are recycled into things like deck materials, garden furniture and playground equipment.

So. Check out the site at the link above and find out all about it. The Julian News newspaper is the only paper I've seen that has printed a full page ad notifying people about this situation. And I must ask where the hell are the other MSM? Talk about a veil of silence!!!


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