Monday, March 10, 2008

When to choose a Vice President...and why....

From Levine Breaking News:

LBN-COMMENTARY By BRUCE HERSCHENSOHN: I believe none of the candidates should make a Vice-Presidential choice public until their respective conventions. The sooner the selection, the more time the opposition party has to attack that person as well as the Presidential candidate.

In 1976 Ronald Reagan announced his selection of Richard Schweiker as his Vice-Presidential choice should he be nominated as the convention's presidential candidate. The convention didn't choose him, nor did Richard Chewier even bring in the Pennsylvania delegation for the Reagan-Schweiker ticket.

Candidate Reagan did not make the same mistake in 1980 when he didn't select George Herbert Walker Bush until the Republican Convention. In addition, as a Republican I am glad that in 2008 the Republican Convention follows the Democrat's Convention and will give John McCain the advantage of knowing their selection before naming his Vice-Presidential choice.

Bruce Herschensohn is a former deputy special assistant to President Richard Nixon, member of the Reagan transition team, and author - to reply directly to him, send an E-mail to

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