Monday, March 24, 2008

Some things just aggravate me...

For instance:

The too often shown lack of respect for Hillary Clinton's formal position. She is Senator Clinton, and deserves to be addressed that are Senator McCain and Senator Obama. I've seen and heard many, many times in the media phrases such as "Sen. Obama said...", "Sen McCain thinks...", and "Hillary feels...". Additionally, it might be the last names: "Obama said...", McCain thinks..." but again, "Hillary feels..." Overly familar. Overly careless. And definitely not respectful. Sheesh!

That's not right.

And I'm getting mighty weary of all the hell raising over whose pastor is more of an asshole....Obama's or McCain's. Here's where I think those two are getting unfair treatment when it comes to religion...which has no place in political life to begin with...not one word about Sen Clinton's religion other than that she's a strong believer. Okay. That's fine. Apparently, they're all strong believers. But then, I came across this article about Sen. Clinton written originally for Mother Jones mag and recently reprinted in The Nation:

The writer is the author of the investigative book, "Nickeled and Dimed", and she's known for her good research. It's a shocking piece of work and has to do with the Weekly Prayer Breakfast in Congress. Yeah. Congressional people. Which is why I do think that the connection with our elected representatives has caused people to back of and fall silent on the matter.

Perhaps I'll have to google and see what I find.


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