Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bush is not American....& time to have tea....

So said a former journalist and newspaper owner from Africa.

Met him when I stopped for a smoke break while strolling around Seaport Village in San Diego yesterday. Sharing a bench, we engaged in conversation while looking out over the Marriot Marina.

He's been in America 3 years now and is watching the race for president very closely. Said that in the African nation where he came from, as well as in many other countries he'd visited, the people all liked and admired the Americans. But given Bush's war against Iraq and other disasters he's visited on other nations, people overseas say, "Bush is not American."


At breakfast in Old Town San Diego, I often chat with Judy Peterson, a charming woman who owns Mrs. Burton's Tea Room, located in one of the Victorian Houses in Heritage Park. That tea room is quite a place.

She has Victorian style dresses and accessories, tea pots and accessories to those. For visitors who stop for her small sandwiches, desserts and, of course, pots of tea, the place is a delight. Happily enough, she has a website:

Go and enjoy!


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