Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dem SEAL running for Repub Duncan Hunter's seat...

From :

As a former Navy SEAL, I am writing to ask you to support one of my teammates today. Commander Mike Lumpkin, a good friend of mine, is running for Congress in California. And whether or not you normally participate in political campaigns, this is one you cannot sit out. We need SEALs in Congress to ensure that our Special Operations Forces are well represented.

Commander Lumpkin served 21 years as a SEAL. He served 8 operational tours across the world, including the current conflicts overseas, was in charge of all West Coast SEAL Teams, and commanded one of the Teams. He has served his country with honor and now wants to continue to serve in a new theater of operations – the United States Congress. And he needs your help now.

There are two ways you can help:

1) Go to right now and vote for Mike Lumpkin. VoteVets is an organization that exists to help veterans get elected to Congress. Their goal is to help elect veterans who will best represent the interests of the military and military families. If Mike receives the most votes he will receive an additional $4000 from VoteVets to help his campaign win.

2) Go to and make a contribution to Mike’s campaign. Every dollar helps him get his message out and that much closer to representing our values in Congress. Please do these two things right now to support a fellow Frogman.

Thank you.
Mark, Founder


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