Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Patience required: Books and Films on the way....

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


Gil Adamson's THE OUTLANDER, in which a mysterious, desperate young woman flees alone across the western wilderness, one quick step ahead of her pursuers, to Daniel Halpern at Ecco, in a very nice deal, by Sarah MacLachlan at House of Anansi Press (US).


Leif GW Persson's The Fall of the Welfare State Trilogy: BETWEEN SUMMER'S LONGING AND WINTER'S COLD, ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER LIFE and FALLING FREELY, AS IF IN A DREAM, telling what could very well be the truth about the biggest unsolved crime in modern European history, to Carol Janeway at Knopf, by Niclas Salomonsson at Salomonssson Agency (NA).


Carolyn Turgeon's GODMOTHER, about Cinderella's fairy godmother and the secret she's hiding about the fateful night of the ball, which has cursed her to live out her days on earth as a human, to Lindsey Moore at Three Rivers Press, by Elaine Markson at Elaine Markson Agency.

Fadhil al-Azzawi's comic novel THE LAST OF THE ANGELS, following three different people living in the same small neighborhood in Kirkuk (the author's birth city) in the final years of Iraq's monarchy, to Amber Qureshi at Free Press, by Jessica Papin at American University in Cairo Press.

Sarah Wendell and Lay-Ping "Candy" Tan's SMART BITCHES WHO LOVE TRASHY BOOKS, based on the popular blog, a funny, somewhat bitchy and adoring look at the world of romance novels, from the authors to the covers to the conferences to the audience, to Sulay Hernandez at Touchstone Fireside for Fireside, in a nice deal, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (NA).


David Morrell's THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSE, to Warner Bros., by Richard Green at CAA, on behalf of Jane Dystel at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.David Morrell's

ASSUMED IDENTITY, to United Artists, by Richard Green at CAA, on behalf of Jane Dystel at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Film rights to P.B. Kerr's CHILDREN OF THE LAMP series, to DreamWorks, with Nina Jacobson producing

ABC chief White House correspondent Martha Raddatz's THE LONG ROAD HOME, centering on the deadly 2004 ambush against the 1st Cavalry Division in Sadr City, Iraq; and the painful vigil kept by their families back home in Fort Hood, Texas as the battle raged over 48 hours, to Mike Medavoy at Phoenix Pictures (Zodiac, Holes), by Hotchkiss and Associates, on behalf of the Gail Ross Literary Agency.


Charles R. Morris's THE COMING CRASH, explaining how the 25-year conservative, free-market-as-god cycle is about to come crashing down -- and explores the broader implications for a complete economic restructuring of the country, to Peter Osnos at Lindsay Jones at Public Affairs, by Timothy Seldes at Russell & Volkening.


Food Network host George Duran's first two books, about making food fun again and with an emphasis on comfort food, to Linda Cunningham at Meredith, by Eric Lupfer and Lisa Grubka of the William Morris Agency (NA).


Former finance minister of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and Clare Lockhart's THE FRAMEWORK: Fixing Failed States, utilizing stories from their own experiences in failed states to explain why existing policies don't work and present a practical framework for tackling the problem of failed states, to David McBride at Oxford University Press, in a nice deal, by Tina Bennett at Janklow & Nesbit (World).

Robert Patton's LURID SPLENDOR: American Journalists and the "Little Wars" in Europe Between 1867-1887, recounting the stories of the often forgotten bloody battles fought in Europe near the turn of the century while America was in the midst of Reconstruction, portraying the reporters who covered these wars -- from the original Forbes (a Scottish journalist) to Florence Nightingale's work in the Crimea -- and concluding with Europe's entry into the Belle Epoque as we were preparing for the Spanish-American War, again to Vicky Wilson at Pantheon, for publication in spring 2009, by Harvey Klinger at Harvey Klinger (NA).


WNBA star and three-time Olympic gold medalist Lisa Leslie's inspiring autobiography DON'T LET THE LIPSTICK FOOL YOU, an uplifting memoir profiling the author's personal and professional life, to Selena James at Dafina, with Rakia Clark editing, in a pre-empt, for publication in May 2008, by Frank R. Scatoni at Venture Literary (NA)

Claire Lewis's EXPOSED: Confessions of a Wedding Photographer, the humorous, outrageous, yet touching memoir about this tension-fraught ritual, to Toni Plummer at Thomas Dunne Books, by Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger (NA).

Angela Balcita's MOONFACE, based on the author's recent Modern Love column, about finding herself in a body not truly her own, marrying the man who gave her his kidney, and learning how the intersection of science, faith and humor impacts how we deal with life challenges, to Rakesh Satyal at Harper Perrenial, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (world English).


Co-captains Andy Hillstrand and Johnathan Hillstrand (featured on Discovery Channel's series Deadliest Catch) with Malcolm MacPherson's (Robert's Ridge) TIME BANDIT, chronicling the lives and adrenalin-laced adventures of these lifelong Bering Sea fishermen, a career considered one of the most dangerous in the world, to Will Murphy for publication by Ballantine in May 2008, by Alan Nevins and Mindy Stone at The Firm (world).

Author of Governor General's Award-winner THE GOLDEN SPRUCE, John Vaillant's TIGER HUNTING, about Siberian tigers, some men made desperate by the collapse of the Russian economy, and the terrifying encounters that result, to Andrew Miller at Knopf, by Stuart Krichevsky at the Stuart Krichevsky Agency (US).
Canadian rights to Louise Dennys at Knopf Canada; German rights to Karl Blessing Verlag, by Andrew Nurnberg at Andrew Nurnberg Associates on behalf of the Stuart Krichevsky Agency.


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