Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Matt Cooper got Plame info straight from Rove....

From Publishers Lunch:

Pearlstine Blames Cooper and Others

Former Time executive Norman Pearlstine reportedly uses his book (publishing today) OFF THE RECORD to clear himself of responsibility in the Valerie Plame/Matt Cooper case, while "naming names, mouthing off about his enemies, and firing back at those who criticized his cooperation with federal prosecutors," Radar reports.

Reporter Matt Cooper "was less than perfectly discreet after he got Karl Rove on the phone on Friday, July 11, 2003, to talk about Plame," Pearlstine says. "More than two dozen Time Inc. employees ... had had access to e-mails in which Matt had named Rove as his source."

His criticism includes their attorney, Floyd Abrams--Cooper "was especially bothered that in meetings Abrams continually confused Libby and Rove."

[Note: Pub Lunch's hotlink doesn't work so I couldn't include it. In any case, Pearlstein's book hits the bookstores today]


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