Friday, June 29, 2007

Bush's 105 recess appts to Dodd not Paris...

From American Progress:

Think Fast

"This year is on track to be the second warmest since records began in the 1860s and floods in Pakistan or a heatwave in Greece may herald worse disruptions in store from global warming."

105: Number of full-time positions President Bush has filled with recess appointments. In contrast, President Clinton had used his recess appointment powers to install just 42 people in full-time jobs at the same point in his presidency.

Just as violence in Afghanistan is "heating up" with "civilian casualties rapidly escalating, the health-care system is breaking down, according to Afghan and international medical experts." The International Committee of the Red Cross said it "faces a more restrictive environment than it has in two decades of work in Afghanistan."

Yesterday, ousted U.S. attorney John McKay spoke out about his regret for initially supporting Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and telling "lawyer friends it was good news when Gonzales was confirmed": "I said, 'You're gonna like this guy -- he's humble, he's honest, he's hard-working, and he's smart. And he's proved me wrong.'"

The "largest Pentagon overseas construction project" is now at least $50 million over budget, and "pocked with vandalism and shoddy construction." Yesterday in a congressional hearing, the House Oversight and Government Reform committee sharply criticized the project, which has had "inadequate oversight from the military," and "demanded accountability from the Air Force."

"Five American soldiers were killed and seven wounded in a coordinated attack in southern Baghdad involving a roadside bomb and rocket-propelled grenades, the U.S. military announced Friday."

And finally: During one response at last night's Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) ran over his allotted time. Cutting him off, debate host Tavis Smiley referenced CNN's recent decision to dump filmmaker Michael Moore in favor of a Paris Hilton interview, stating, "Senator Dodd, I was going to say, were you Paris Hilton you could have an hour, but you're not, so..."


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