Sunday, September 28, 2008

San Diego better terrorist target than Pentagon....

From :

The Navy's strategic use of civilians?
by Pat Flannery

John Q. Public was not allowed to record this "public" meeting, according to Captain Matt Brown, Commander, Navy Region Southwest PAO (Public Affairs Office). Watch a (cut short) video of this "public" meeting.Opposite is a picture of Captain Brown's face as he gave this particular John Q. Public, me, the "heave-ho", the old "you're outta here".

As you can see, the Captain was not amused. I guess "public" means something a little different to the Navy.

But why??An August 20, 2008 article in the Union-Tribune may provide a clue. Admiral Hering, Commander of the Navy's Southwest Region, may have accidentally let the cat out of the bag in a U-T interview regarding the Navy's economic impact on the San Diego region. This may be the dirty little secret the Navy does not want the civilians of San Diego to know:

"Hering said the new administration building, which is slated to become the Navy's center for logistics for the global war on terror, will result in a $2.7 billion impact on the San Diego community and an infusion of 22,000 jobs."

The Navy Broadway Complex is to become the Navy's center for logistics for the global war on terror! That means that San Diego's waterfront will become Bin Laden's number one target. The primary objective of every terrorist in the world will be to destroy the Navy Broadway Complex, whose known mission is to kill every last one of them. Even the Pentagon will be a secondary target to this San Diego facility.

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