Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama backs former SEAL Lt Com. Mike Lumpkin....

From media@LumpkinforCongress :

We are in the home s-t-r-e-t-c-h, charging toward our historic victory in November. The daily buzz in our campaign offices can only be described as electric! Over the last two months, our campaign team has expanded to six fulltime staff and almost 300 volunteers and last week alone the GO TEAM trained over 60 new precinct leaders to get our message out.

As you know, we have been running a non-traditional campaign from day one. Our ground game is on fire and we have already personally contacted several thousand of the crossover voters we need for victory! Between fundraising calls, house parties, and public speaking events, I have been personally calling Republicans and winning them over one-by-one. Our "war room" map is so filled with pins indicating voter contact, it is starting to look like a porcupine!

Since beginning our journey last September, over 60 enthusiastic supporters have opened their homes for fundraisers, inviting their friends, family and neighbors to meet me and join our TEAM. The kindness, warmth and patriotic sincerity continue to be both humbling and inspiring.
As if that weren't enough, our momentum continues to grow even further. In the last few weeks, General Wesley Clark, Senator Bob Kerrey, and Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton have joined Senators John Kerry, Max Cleland, Jim Webb and Congressmen Michael Capuano, Patrick Kennedy, Gene Taylor, Patrick Murphy and Joe Sestak in endorsing my candidacy! In fact, Senator Clinton and Senator Kerrey have graciously offered to hold a fundraiser in New York City to support our campaign!

Last month at the Democratic Convention in Denver, I was invited to speak at the Veterans for Obama Forum and for the Veterans Alliance for Security and Democracy.

Senator Obama also included me in the Next Generation Veterans Group to be honored on stage in support of better care and benefits for our returning veterans. The Obama Foreign Policy Team also asked me to help them develop a cogent plan for Afghanistan. I was honored to be part of his team and to continue to provide ongoing advice and feedback.

Just this week, Senator Obama's Chief of Staff made personal calls to Rahm Emanuel at the DCCC to encourage support of my candidacy. I am grateful that Senator Obama recognizes the need to have someone with my expertise and background in Congress to be certain we have the real facts before we commit our sons and daughters to combat in the future and to ensure they have the proper equipment when we do. I look forward to more good news from Senator Obama in the near future!

Defeating another 30 years of another Duncan Hunter is more than just politics. The very essence of our campaign has nothing to do with what's "Right" or "Left" - it's about doing what's "Right or Wrong" for America. During Congressman Hunter's 28-year reign, he proved his loyalty to earmarks for campaign contribution kickbacks. Now, he has cashed in these earmark favors, this time to the tune of $128,000 to his son's campaign coffers. It appears Duncan Junior is already an active participant in the Favor Factory before there has even been an election. His own party doesn't even have room for him and his defense of earmarks. McCain calls Hunter's earmarks "the gateway to corruption" and has promised to "name them and shame them." That is why we this week we challenged McCain and Palin to make good on their commitment and publicly name, shame and disavow Hunter.

As Barack so properly stated in his nomination acceptance speech, "Enough!" Americans must have Representatives who understand service and are willing to put themselves second and the security of our economy, healthcare, jobs, energy, environment and education first! That is my solemn promise - but I need your help.

Please send whatever amount you can in the envelope enclosed as soon as possible or sign on to and contribute online right now. It takes $1 to reach a new crossover voter and we need to reach 11,000 to win. Please help us by sponsoring communication to 25, 50, 100, up to 2300 crossover voters today!
Victory 2008!


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