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Dipsy argues over the internet...Dem vs Repub...

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Does it pay to argue over, even with friends, over the internet? Common knowledge has it that it doesn’t, but the biggest issues, of government big and small are settled by argument. Why not the rest of us?

In any case, regardless of the ramifications, I argue and as strongly as I can about the issues that will determine the future of our world, our nation, and ourselves. I cannot see how any citizen can pass over this opportunity to have his voice heard, especially to someone who disagrees with him.

For about twenty years an old Navy shipmate has been forwarding me every vicious claim against any liberal politician or candidate for office. I answer most. The last one was a back breaker though, so I sent him this.

Alas, what I feared would happen came true. In spite of a plethora of evidence damning the current Republican standard bearer you have found an excuse to jump on board, as you have for at least two decades.

You surely recognized what was done by the Republicans over the past sixteen years, even though each outrageous act was justified by one of your an inane statements that the “other guys” did the same.

No they didn’t! One of them got a blow job and lied about it. That was an individual and many of his own party chastised him for it. The Republican party spent an entire eight years trying to thwart the will of the people, ruin the president and his presidency then giggle about it – all with the enthusiastic approval of you and your cohorts.

Bill Clinton (you may remember, he’s the president who could talk without a prompter) said, his aid, Erskin Bowles, asked Newt Gingrich why they actually impeached the president. Newt’s answer, “Because we could.”

I hate to point this out to a guy with such nifty grades, but that was utterly irresponsible and extremely dangerous. We may not have seen all the ramifications of it yet. Perhaps the saddest thing is that you gleefully went along with such an outrage. At least the messages you forwarded me did. Do you read them or just giggle and send them on while harming the country you served so long?

Now we’re at it again. The Republicans again have a candidate who has done everything possible to become president. At least I thought he had. I can give you a hundred reasons why he is just as bad for the country as the man he would replace, but let’s try to keep our focus on Palin.

Let’s start with her selection, the last outrage cooked up by this disingenuous fop, McCain.

He chose a running mate who’s views on social issues parallel the laws of the Catholic Church which were laws in Massachusetts and Connecticut in the 1940s and 50s. For example it was forbidden for a doctor even to discuss birth control with a patient. The sale of birth control devices was of course forbidden. Abortion was pretty much forbidden nationwide in those days, but the new extreme right, including Palin, would extend it to stem cells and morning after pills.

She is considered off limits by McCain for personal interviews. What other candidate, anywhere, has been so considered?

She denies global warming, a favorite mantra of the right wing of the party and it’s enthusiastic backers, big oil companies. Believe me, and I’ve held many meetings on it, the science is in, and it’s real, and it’s dire. A personal friend, a member of the National Academy of Science, did some of the early experiments on the connection between CO2 in the atmosphere and earth warming. It has been replicated many times and every time the answer is there.

It is getting warmer. Oceans are rising and will continue to rise. It has the effect of warm weather causing more warm weather, thus we will spin out of control before long. Our grandchildren will curse us for leaving behind such a mess, those who survive.

And the above is not my opinion. Nor is it the opinion of just a scientist here and there. It’s not the opinion of an “effete left wing wimp.” It is the consensus of the members of the National Academy of Science, the most prestigious science organization on the planet.

When I argued this point with you once, you answered, “I choose to believe it isn’t bad.”

How nice! How religious! Choose what you want to believe!

And you are joined by Palin.

She also has said it is god’s will that we’re fighting and dying in Iraq

Where did we hear that before?

One last point. This note isn’t something forwarded from the paper or some propaganda machine. I wrote it myself in less than half an hour. I even put in some typos for your amusement.

Dipsey Dumpster

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