Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blackwater keeps on keeping on...regardless...

From Karen Pomer via email:

Citizens Protest Blackwater Mercenary Training Centers in California, North Carolina, Illinois and Idaho.
SAN DIEGO, CA (Sept. 11)

Activists in California, North Carolina, Illinois, and Idaho, opposing Blackwater mercenary training operations in their states, will protest Blackwater and commemorate the first anniversary of "Baghdad's Bloody Sunday," a shooting spree carried out by Blackwater in Baghdad's Nisour Square on Sept. 16, 2007 where 17 innocent civilians were cut down by Blackwater gunfire without provocation.

The Protests will occur in four separate locations, where Blackwater has expanded their operation past training and extensive operations in Iraq to set up mercenary training centers.

In California, the rally will also protest against Blackwater's new foothold on the West Coast, only blocks from the Cal-Mex border in Otay Mesa, California. Blackwater opened the facility under clouds of subterfuge and obvious circumvention of local laws, finally using temporary restraining order issued by Federal Judge, a President Bush Sr. appointee, to muscle their way into the facility and avoid public hearings, environmental review and traditional public scrutiny.

In Illinois, Blackwater just expanded their training facility by adding a shooting range, dodging public scrutiny.


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