Tuesday, June 24, 2008

San Diego braces for ComicCon Int'l 2008...

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Discover What's New at 2008 Comic-Con in San Diego
Published : 6/23/2008 by Jon Smith

Prepare yourself: San Diego Comic-Con 2008 is ever approaching. In just over a month, this town will be over run with excited fans from all over the world. The streets surrounding the Convention Center will be flooded with eight-year-old Peter Parkers, overweight, middle-aged Luke Skywalkers, and everyone and everything in between.

Forget Sundance and E3, Comic-Con is the epicenter for entertainment premieres. Teaser trailers and excerpts from some of the most anticipated films and video games have been revealed at Comic-Con. During the 2007 Comic-Con in San Diego, J.J. Abrams not only hosted a Q&A panel with cast members of LOST, he also surprised audiences by premiering the teaser trailer for his then-secret project, the Star Trek prequel.

One quizzical aspect of Comic-Con is the hush-hush attitude toward the expected guests. Last year, half of the guests and panels were not announced until days before the event started, when the official schedule was released to the public.

Little has been said about what major projects will be announced this year at Comic-Con. Many have speculated that Stephen Sommers, director of The Mummy films and Van Helsing, will be giving the audience something to scream for by disclosing a trailer for the upcoming children's show turned live-action film G.I. Joe. Fans are also hoping to be wowed when they attend the Q&A panel for the highly anticipated character spin-off X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

So freshen up on your Klingon and make sure to break in those new combat boots you purchased for your Punisher costume. Comic-Con is almost here, and only one thing is for sure: it will be awesome.


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