Friday, June 20, 2008

Mystery: 5 left feet, 1 right foot, in tennis shoes..washed up on beaches...

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Six feet washed up on the same shore in ten months. Freak coincidence, or something far more sinister?

Sandra Malone was working at her morning chores at the coastal caravan park she owns when she heard the first cry of distress. She looked up to see a beachcomber, a woman, hurrying towards her with shock in her eyes.
Oh my God,' the woman stammered. 'I've found one of those feet.'

There was no need to explain what she meant. For what the woman had stumbled on was simply the latest in a series of gruesome discoveries that have come to haunt this scenic stretch of the west coast of Canada.

Curious coincidence or something more sinister? So far six feet have washed up on on the shores around Vancouver

Since August last year, no fewer than six individual feet have washed up from the deep - all wearing rubber-soled training shoes. Only this week, two have been found poking from the seaweed, the latest on Tyee Spit beach near Vancouver.

As we shall see, there may be more to this latest find than first seemed the case, but whatever the truth behind Wednesday's discovery, what seemed, at first, a curious coincidence has become the subject of a major investigation, with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and British Columbia's coroner's office still baffled as to where the feet could have come from.

Are they from people who have died at sea or fallen into the swollen rivers that flow into the Pacific? Could they be from the victims of a local plane crash three years ago, in which five men died? Could it, in fact, all be part of a twisted prank? Or is there a more sinister explanation - perhaps even a serial killer on the loose?

That is the fear, as the local community around Fraser River come to terms with the latest discovery on their shoreline.

The woman who found the foot on Wednesday had been searching for decorative stones along the tide line when she stumbled on what appeared to be a man's shoe and stopped to take a closer look. It didn't take long for her to suspect what she had found.

'You could see two leg bones sticking up out of it,' says Sandra Malone, who joined the woman at the scene. 'They were sticking up about three to four inches. You could make out the remains of the foot inside the sneaker, like a skeleton, with no flesh or anything attached. It was the grisliest thing I have ever seen.'

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