Wednesday, February 06, 2008

An Unusual Mix of Books....

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


Eugenia Kim's NAJIN, following a young woman through the turbulent years of Korea's subjugation by the Japanese and its emergence into the modern world in the first half of the 20th century, to Helen Atsma at Holt, in a very nice deal, for publication in April 2009, by Judith Weber at Sobel Weber Associates (NA).


Mark Sullivan's TRIPLE CROSS, in which world political and financial stability is threatened when an exclusive Montana ski resort and gated community for the super-rich is attacked and taken hostage on New Year's Eve, to Keith Kahla at St. Martin's, in a two-book deal, by David Hale Smith at DHS Literary (NA).German rights to Fischer Verlag, by Danny Baror at Baror International, on behalf of DHS


Carter Beats the Devil author Glen David Gold's SUNNYSIDE, in which Charlie Chaplin and Co. collide with World War I in an epic about the rise of Hollywood, celebrity and the American empire, to Sonny Mehta at Knopf, by Susan Golomb at the Susan Golomb Agency.

Poet Bernardine Evaristo's BLONDE ROOTS, turning the history of the transatlantic slave trade on its head, to Megan Lynch at Riverhead, in a pre-empt, by Kate Lee at ICM (NA).UK rights: Simon Prosser at Hamish Hamilton


Stanford University professor Byron Reeves and venture capitalist Leighton Read's GAMES@WORK, how virtual reality and sophisticated computer games will transform the workplace and fundamentally change the way we work, to Jacqueline Murphy at Harvard Business School Press, in a good deal, by Penny Nelson at Manus & Associates (world).


Dylan Lauren's DYLAN'S CANDY BAR BOOK, a goody bag in book form that celebrates sweets, offering games and ways to entertain with candy; recipes for sugary and chocolate treats; coverage of rare, beloved, and celebrity-favorite candies; and more, to Aliza Fogelson at Clarkson Potter, at auction, by Andy McNicol at William Morris Agency (world).


Justine van der Leun's GOODBYE, COLLELUNGO, about leaving her job with a major NY-based magazine to move to Collelungo, Italy, population: 200, where she sets up house with a handsome Italian gardener she'd met on vacation and discovers that village life and love are radically different than anything she might have imagined, to Shannon Welch at Modern Times, by Patricia van der Leun (World).Amanda Pressner, Jennifer Baggett and Holly Corbett's THE

LOST GIRLS, about three 20-something women who quit their Manhattan media jobs and traveled around the world with backpacks and on a budget in search of answers, inspiration and enlightenment, to Serena Jones at Collins, in a pre-empt, by Kenneth Wright at Writers House (NA).


Ilana Ozernoy's ON PATRIARCHS' PONDS, a chronicle of the interior lives of ordinary Russians in the Putin era intertwined with the author's personal story as the daughter of Soviet dissidents, presenting a portrait of modern Russia - a country that has tasted and lost new freedoms, but that wants to reclaim its status as a world superpower and may be willing to sacrifice personal freedom in order to do so, to Supurna Banerjee at Holt, by Robert Guinsler at Sterling Lord Literistic (NA).

Washington Post South America bureau chief Monte Reel's THE LAST OF THE TRIBE, a non-fiction account of the race by Indiana Jones-like cultural anthropologists in Brazil to save an indigenous Indian, the last living member of his tribe, before he's murdered by ranchers, exploring the conflict between preservation and development, the cultural and environmental impact of deforestation, and the mystery and allure of one man surviving alone on the brink of extinction, to Samantha Martin at Scribner, by Larry Weissman at Larry Weissman Literary (World English).

Today Show Travel editor and NYT bestselling author of THE COMPLETE TRAVEL DETECTIVE BIBLE Peter Greenberg's DON'T GO THERE: A Must Miss Guide to the World, offering guidance on where not to go, when and why, essential reading for those who don't want their next dream vacation to become their worst nightmare, again to Leigh Haber at Rodale, for publication in October 2008, by Amy Rennert at the Amy Rennert Agency.

NYT deputy editor Francis Flaherty's THE ELEMENTS OF STORY, a Strunk & White-like manual/memoir for writing narrative, rather than for grammar and usage, that lays out 50-odd insightful principles, along with illuminating examples derived from the author's years of work as the paper's "story doctor," to guide today's writer and anyone who loves the written word, to Serena Jones at Collins, in a pre-empt, by Larry Weissman at Larry Weissman Literary (NA).


Co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace prize as a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and professor emeritus at University of Michigan, Dr. Henry Pollack's MELTDOWN: A World Without Ice, a book about ice and people on Earth, revealing the importance of ice to our planet and population through time; explaining the science of the current meltdown; and imagining future scenarios resulting from its disappearance; with a foreword by Al Gore, to Jeff Galas at Avery, at auction, by Gillian MacKenzie at the Gillian MacKenzie Agency (NA)


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