Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blackwater to Eli Manning...books on the way....

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


Tanya Egan Gibson's A BOOK FOR CARLEY, pitched as sharing the playful wit and precocity of SPECIAL TOPICS IN CALAMITY PHYSICS, the story of a young girl living in the insular community of Long Island's North Shore, as she struggles between her unrequited love for her best friend and burgeoning young alcoholic and her parents' decision to buy her A Love of Reading by commissioning a desperate novelist to write a book especially for Carley's 16th birthday, to Trena Keating at Dutton, by Susan Golomb at the Susan Golomb Agency (NA).

Michener graduate Brendan Short's DREAM CITY, set in Depression-era Chicago, about a young boy's obsession with comic book heroes and his life long attempt to both recapture and escape his childhood, to Kate Nitze at MacAdam/Cage, by Kim Witherspoon at Inkwell Management (NA).


Robert V S Redick's debut trilogy, chronicling the last voyage of a ship on its way to make peace with a foreign empire, and the conspiracy discovered aboard, starting with THE RED WOLF CONSPIRACY, to Betsy Mitchell at Del Rey, at auction, in a three-book deal, by Gollancz/Orion.


Pierre Davis's SIRIUS RISING, following a Gulf War veteran and former city cop employed as the lone detective in the public safety department at a massive medical campus, in his search for a missing dog that's no ordinary lab animal, landing him at the heart of a corrupt and ambitious scheme that literally circles the globe, to Kate Miciak at Bantam Dell, by Richard Pine at Inkwell Management (NA).

Simon Lewis's BAD TRAFFIC, dubbed "an eastern Western," featuring a Chinese cop who arrives on English shores searching for his daughter -- without knowing a word of the language -- and who winds up completely dependent on a Chinese migrant worker to help him bring down a ruthless smuggling ring, to Anna deVries at Scribner, in a two-book deal, by George Lucas at Inkwell Management on behalf of Sort Of Books (NA).


Singer/songwriter and #1 NYT bestselling author Jimmy Buffett's SWINE NOT?, a colorful novel about a Southern family determined to hide their pet pig in a four-star hotel in New York City while a meat-loving chef is sharpening his carving knife downstairs, with illustrations by Helen Bransford, to Michael Pietsch at Little, Brown, by Amy Rennert at the Amy Rennert Agency.

David Allan Cates's FREEMAN WALKER, pitched as calling to mind Gould's Book of Fish by Richard Flanagan; the story of one man with an indomitable spirit, spanning the Civil War and the exploration of America's West, using the lens of one life to examine the lines between us, between us and nature, between civilization and barbarity, and the way it feels to dare to live beyond lines, to Greg Michalson at Unbridled Books, for publication in Fall 2008, by Emilie Stewart at Emilie Stewart Literary Agency (NA).


Reclusive CEO of Blackwater Worldwide Erik Prince's WE ARE BLACKWATER, an insider's account of the controversial company that has supplied bodyguards and support-and-rescue personnel to hot spots around the world, including the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, promising to "refute criticisms of the company, and take the reader on thrilling missions into hostile territory," to Regnery.


Physicians Stephanie McClellan, M.D. and Beth Hamilton, M.D.'s SO STRESSED, with Diane Reverand, revealing the science behind stress's effects on women's health, the problems stress causes in every system, and their tested, breakthrough methods for stress relief, to Leslie Meredith at Free Press, in a pre-empt, by David Vigliano and Kirsten Neuhaus at Vigliano Associates (world).

[Note: Vigliano is a good agent.]


Pulitzer winner for Washington's Crossing, David Hackett Fischer's CHAMPLAIN'S DREAM, about Samuel de Champlain's exploration and settlement of Quebec, to Bob Bender at Simon & Schuster, at auction, for publication in October 2008, by Scott Moyers at The Wylie Agency (US).Knopf Canada also has rights.


Writer Elvis Mitchell and photographer Timothy Greenfield Sanders's THE BLACK LIST, a book of portraits and interviews, in which twenty-five prominent African Americans of various professions, disciplines and backgrounds, including Toni Morrison, Chris Rock, Slash and Zane, offer their own stories and insights on the struggles, triumphs and joys of black life in this country and manage to re-define "blacklist" for a new century, to be released with the film from HBO in fall 2008, to Peter Borland at Atria, at auction, by Scott Waxman at Waxman Literary Agency.


Columbia-Presbyterian anesthesiologist and The Underwear Drawer blogger Michelle Au's SCUTMONKEY, a meditation on life as a medical resident, wife and mother, to Emily Griffin at Grand Central, by Sharon Bowers at The Miller Agency (World).


New York Daily News reporter Ralph Vacchiano's THE MAKING OF A QUARTERBACK: The Turbulent Triumph of Eli Manning and the New York Giants, to Mark Weinstein at Skyhorse, for publication in Fall 2008, by Shari Wenk at SLW Literary Agency.


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