Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clinton, Obama Interviews...

From ABC.com :

Clinton Accuses Obama of Cutting Deals With Contributor
Democratic Rivals Throw Elbows in Separate Washington TV Interviews

On the issue of superdelegates and the possibility that party insiders might determine the Democratic nominee if pledged delegates end up split after the voting ends, Obama cautioned that the Democratic Party should follow the will of the voters. "We've got to make sure that whomever wins the most votes, the most states, the most delegate, that they are the nominee. I think it would be problematic if either Senator Clinton or myself came in with having won the most support from voters and that was somehow overturned by party insiders," he said.

Obama attributed the huge disparity between him and Clinton among Hispanic voters to a lack of information, refusing to acknowledge there's tension between blacks and Hispanics. "That's been a very damaging myth that's been perpetrated during the course of this campaign," he said. "In mayors' races, in legislature races, you've seen Latinos support African American candidates but they need to know who those candidates are."

Clinton also questioned Senator Obama's dealings with Anthony Rezko. "Our financial situation has probably been more investigated than anyone who has been in public life in America. We still don't have a lot of answers about Senator Obama and his dealings with Mr. Rezko."

Clinton and her campaign have complained in the past that they do not receive the same scrutiny as the Obama campaign does, and she reiterated this complaint Monday. "I find it unfair that we have questions going to the other side as well and I don't think that is happening; we have been on the front line of full disclosure ,we have been examined one side up and the other side down."

Clinton also pointed out that Obama has never had negative ads run against him in the past. However, Clinton herself ran negative radio ads against Obama in South Carolina.

Clinton declined to answer whether or not if she thought it was fair that the results in Michigan be counted, despite her opponent's name not being on the ballot. "Well, Leon, both Michigan and Florida should count because these are two states we have to carry; this is not about so much as the ins and outs of the Democratic National Committee as to whether the Democrats are going to win in the Fall."

In his interview, Obama said it wouldn't be fair to allocate voters based on a non-campaign.

In an unusual moment, Clinton stressed that there will be no new scandals from her husband Bill Clinton but qualified her answer, saying that there's no way to predict the future.

At the end of Clinton's interview she was asked about her affinity towards hot peppers. "I'm so glad we are finally talking about an issue that I have some first hand experience with," Clinton said, after fielding questions about various different topics. Clinton went on to explain the peppers she likes "JalapeƱos, banana peppers, any kind of hot pepper, I eat them raw, I eat them cooked, I don't know if it works for everybody but it works for me."

Obama was asked if he's been successful in his effort to quit smoking. "It has been tough but that Nicorette gum sure has worked out," he said smiling.


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