Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A "slip of the tongue" & A lust for power....


Just been furious all day. Was listening to the news on San Diego's NPR or KPBS, one, about 9 this morning.

So the newscaster, talking about which group of people had voted for either Clinton or Obama in S. Carolina broke them down this way: Blacks, Latinos, and Americans.

I damned near had a fit on the spot. Still seriously torqued about that. If they voted, they're ALL Americans. Sheesh!!!

So the writers gathered tonight, and with one lawyer exception, tried to convince me that it was simply a "slip of his tongue". I'm not buying that for one minute. Far as I'm concerned, that newscaster silently divides up people that way in the back of his mind or else he'd never, ever
would have said something so outrageous as that.

I do wonder if anyone at the station called him on that. They'd better have.


And then there's the matter of Hillary Clinton "winning" in both Michigan and Florida. I do not like the underhanded way she managed to campaign without actually campaigning. The woman is way too hungry for power, and it's showing more and more. That kind of behavior does not bode well for her reputation. It's dishonest. It's devious.

We already have a president who is dishonest and devious. The country certainly does not need another one to continue down his disgraceful path.

Would I now trust her to dismantle the imperial presidency Bush/Cheney have set up? Not on your life.

Enough said.

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