Saturday, January 19, 2008

After the Nevada caucus....

I am not a happy camper. Seems to me the major media has entirely too much influence on picking the people they've decided we're going to have the choice to vote for. Especially on the Dem side.

Very little serious attention to John Edwards and literally jerking Dennis Kucinich off the ballots. Add that to Kucinich being denied the right to debate with other candidates. Mike Gravel pretty much did himself in. And it's a shame that both Dodd and Biden dropped out so soon.

And now I'm reading that N. Carolina's voting machines aren't worth the dust they're sitting on.

At least I've escaped the fate of having to use a machine to vote. There's nothing more convenient that my CA mail-in ballot. Have already used it to vote for Edwards. And yes, I sure did mail it in.

Stacy Taylor, talk show host on 1700-AM here in San Diego--he was formerly on KLSD-AM until KLSD-AM dumped all the progressive talk shows on their station--mentioned a couple of days ago that he was getting many calls in John Edwards' favor. I do hope they translate into votes come Feb 5th, or get mailed in early.

So let the chips fall come the 5th, and we'll all go from there.



Granny said...

My friend dropped our permanent absentee ballots off on Friday so now I just wait for the results.

I missed one "unimportant" election because I was too sick to get out of bed. The first chance I got I applied for absentee. It's great.

Watch 'n Wait said...

I agree, Granny. Absentee ballots are the greatest thing since peanut butter!