Saturday, January 19, 2008

Duncan Hunter's replacement in Congress..Navy SEAL...

1/15/08 ... Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mike Lumpkin opens Headquarters
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San Diego, CA-

Retired Navy SEAL Commander, Mike Lumpkin announced the Grand Opening of his Congressional Campaign Headquarters today.

The SEAL Commander was selected for promotion, but instead chose to retire last September and run for Congress. “It was an honor defending our nation as a SEAL for the last twenty-one years, but I believe there is a more pressing need to defend my country in Congress right now,” said Lumpkin.

Commander Lumpkin admits that Navy SEALs have a reputation as independent thinkers, yet share a common bond. “Everyday, on every mission, we experience how vital it is to stand together to fight America’s battles. This is the spirit and conviction I will bring to Washington to get our country back on track. More importantly, this is the independent, patriotic spirit of East County,” Lumpkin stated.

Commander Lumpkin is a decorated combat veteran and was the Deputy Commander of all Special Operations forces in Iraq. He was the Officer in Charge of training and readiness of all West Coast SEAL Teams and a SEAL Team Commander. During his service, Lumpkin managed thousands of people and multi million dollar budgets. His team building skills include driving consensus in the United States Congress as the Special Operations liaison and he is recognized by the Department of Defense as a national security expert.

“Our nation is at war, our border is not secure and we are on the verge of a serious recession. The people of the 52nd District deserve representation from someone with military, national security and fiscal expertise. I see the need, I have the qualifications and I am answering the call,” said the retired Commander.

Who: Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.), Mike Lumpkin

What: Open House Grand Opening of 52nd District Congressional Campaign Offices

Where: 10769 Woodside Avenue, Suite 208, Santee

When: Saturday, January 19, 2008 from noon to 8pm

His website:

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