Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Forthcoming: Selection of interesting books....

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


David Fuller's SWEETSMOKE, a historical novel about a slave on a tobacco plantation in Virginia, whose quest for retribution for the murder of a free black woman leads him to Antietam, on the eve of the greatest, bloodiest battle of the Civil War, based on eight years of research, to Leslie Wells at Hyperion, in a pre-empt, by Deborah Schneider at Gelfman Schneider (NA).


NYT bestseller Catherine Coulter's three new hardcover FBI books, and one hardcover historical novel, her first in many years, to Ivan Held at Putnam, by Robert Gottlieb at Trident Media Group (NA).

Former agent Carol McCleary's NO JOB FOR A LADY, in which the 19th century journalist Nellie Bly lands in Paris during the World's Fair in search of a serial killer, pairing her with the likes of Jules Verne, Louis Pasteur, and Oscar Wilde as they hunt down the mysterious killer who's bent on releasing a deadly microbe on the unsuspecting Parisians, to Bob Gleason at Tor, for publication in 2009, by Harvey Klinger at Harvey Klinger (NA).


Brian Wiprud's FEELERS, about a "home content removal" expert who finds close to a million dollars stashed in a Brooklyn apartment only to discover others are after the same loot, including a recently paroled prison assassin, to Michael Homler at St. Martin's, by Alex Glass at Trident Media Group (world).

Peter Manus's FICKLE, told in the form of the main character's blog, the narrator tells her readers that she has witnessed an apparent suicide, setting in motion a chain of events that puts herself in danger, to Ken Siman at Virgin, by John Silbersack at Trident Media Group.


Tom Wolfe's BACK TO BLOOD, a novel that will consider class, family, wealth, race, crime, sex, corruption, and ambition in Miami, the city where America's future has arrived first, featuring a cast that includes a young nurse of Cuban ancestry married to a famous French-emigre sex doctor, a freshman journalist on the trail of a Russian-mob-comes-to-Miami story, his wary editor, a second-generation Cuban police officer, a woman of Haitian background who passes for Anglo, and more, moving to Michael Pietsch at Little, Brown, with Pat Strachan editing, for publication in 2009, estimated at selling for between $5 million and close to $7 million, by Lynn Nesbit of Janklow & Nesbit (NA).

Judith Healey's THE REBEL PRINCESS, the story of a princess, sister to the King of France, who battles corrupt court officials, religious fanatics and her beloved as she engages a band of underground Cathar noblewomen to assist her in the rescue of her illegitimate son, a young knight whose very existence could unsettle the thrones of England and France, to Carolyn Marino of William Morrow, in a very nice deal, by Marly Rusoff of Marly Rusoff & Associates (World English).


Screenwriter and documentarian Peter Rader's MIKE WALLACE IS HERE, a biography of the legendary newsman, his six-decades-long career, and his cultural legacy, to Thomas Dunne at Thomas Dunne Books, at auction, by David Kuhn at Kuhn Projects (NA)

Peter Golenbock's THE BOSS: A Biography of George Steinbrenner, a complete biography of the controversial George Steinbrenner, to Hana Lane at Wiley, for publication in Spring 2009, by Paul Fedorko at Trident Media Group (World English).


Author of DREAMING IN CODE and co-founder of Scott Rosenberg's SAY EVERYTHING, the story of how blogging began, what it's becoming, and what it means for our culture, to Rachel Klayman at Crown, for publication in Spring 2009, by Stuart Krichevsky at Stuart Krichevsky Agency (NA).


Talk radio host Thom Hartmann's THRESHOLD, an examination of the social, economic, and environmental thresholds at which America finds itself, why we have reached such a predicament, and how we can avoid the decline of American culture and evolve into a successful democratic nation, to Emily Haynes for Viking, in a very nice deal, for publication in Summer 2009, by Bill Gladstone at Waterside Productions (World).


Comedian and comedy writer Patrick Borelli and headshot photographer Douglas Gorenstein's HOLY HEADSHOT!, an illustrated humor collection of real aspiring actors' headshots and resumes, and a portal into the hearts and minds of the legions of Americans who dream of making it in show biz, to Kerri Kolen at Simon & Schuster, at auction, by David Kuhn at Kuhn Projects (World)

Dr. Irene Pepperberg's memoir of her 30-year journey with Alex, a African grey parrot, written with science writer Roger Lewin, a story of unexpected beginnings, his first words, of bonds built over time that transcend species barriers, how they battled against the prejudices of the academic establishment (which debated the ability of any other species to learn human language), and Alex's untimely death, 20 years short of the normal life span -- covered by media around the world, to Bruce Nichols at Collins, for publication in fall 2008, by Max Brockman at Brockman.


THE MAN WHO MADE LISTS author Josh Kendall's UNITED BY WORDS: Noah Webster, Obsession, and the Creation of America's First Dictionary, the life story of Noah Webster, the tormented Yankee polymath whose passion for words compelled him to compile the famous dictionary that would unify Americans through a shared language, to Rachel Holtzman at Putnam, by Lane Zachary at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency (NA)

NY Magazine writer Geoffrey Gray's SKYJACK, the story of the world's first successful hijacking of an airplane and the 30-year search for the mysterious D. B. Cooper, the man who pulled it off and became a cult figure, to Sean Desmond at Crown, in a pre-empt, for publication in Fall 2008, by Richard Abate at Endeavor (world English).


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