Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thillers to films....books and films coming...

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


Christopher Reich's RULES OF DECEPTION, featuring an American doctor whose thrill-seeking personality has propelled him into war zones all over the world with Doctors Without Borders, who finds himself (and his late wife) at the center of a global terrorist conspiracy, for publication in summer 2008, and the sequel RULES OF VENGEANCE, to Stacy Creamer at Doubleday, by Richard Pine at Inkwell Management (NA).


Carrolly Erickson's untitled novels in the author's ongoing series based on the lives of prominent women in history, to Charles Spicer at St. Martin's, by Russell Galen at Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency (World EnglishTranslation: barorint@aol.comBestselling author of The Other Boleyn Girl and The Boleyn Inheritance, Philippa Gregory's THE WHITE QUEEN, for publication in 2010, followed by THE WHITE PRINCESS, and THE RED QUEEN, covering the War of the Roses period, again to Trish Todd at Touchstone Fireside, and now moving to Suzanne Baboneau at Simon & Schuster UK, by Anthony Mason (world).

Founder of the Acumen Fund (a non-profit venture capital firm providing business consulting and seed money to people in developing countries) Jacqueline Novogratz's THE BLUE SWEATER, a coming of age story of a woman and a generation determined to tackle global poverty, offering her story and the stories of entrepreneurs, from unwed mothers in Africa starting a bakery to an ambulance service start-up in India, showing how charity often fails but modest investments in local businesses can make people self-sufficient and change millions of lives, to Carolyn Carlson of Viking, at auction, by Marly Rusoff at Marly Rusoff & Associates (world English.)

Ethicist and public health authority Dr. Gregg Bloche's DO NO HARM, bringing us to the front lines of the Iraqi war, to ICU's and prisons and courtrooms to sound the alarm about the growing disconnect between our expectations - to be given every shot at a long healthy life - and the devastating limitations being placed on doctors, to Airie Stuart at Palgrave, in a nice deal, by Eve Bridburg and Todd Shuster at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency (world).

Pilgrim on the Great Bird Continent author Lyanda Lynn Haupt's CROW PLANET, at once an invitation to engage with wildlife in our midst and an eye-opening celebration of the most common of birds, crows, to Helen Atsma at Little, Brown, by Elizabeth Wales at Wales Literary Agency (World).


The Mistress of Spices author Chitra Divakaruni's GRANDMA AND THE GIANT GOURD: A Bengali Folk Tale, to Neal Porter at Roaring Brook, for publication in spring 2009, by Sandra Dijkstra at Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.


Kelly Link's YA collection, THE WRONG GRAVE AND OTHER STORIES, to Sharyn November at Firebird/Viking Children's, in a pre-empt, by Renee Zuckerbrot at Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agency (NA).Two of the stories ("The Wizards of Perfil" and "The Faery Handbag") have been optioned for film. (French rights to Kelly Link's Magic for Beginners, to Gilles Dumay of Denoel, by Jenny Meyer on behalf of Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agency.)


Guggenheim recipient Tracy Daugherty's HIDING MAN, a biography of Donald Barthelme, prominent New Yorker contributor and one of America's heroes of the short story, to Michael Homler at St. Martin's, in a nice deal, by Christina Ward at the Christina Ward Literary Agency (World).

Michelle-Irene Brudny's HANNAH ARENDT: An Intellectual Biography, based on the discovery that Hannah Arendt wrote her masterpiece, The Origins of Totalitarianism, years earlier than previously thought - well before WWII and anticipating the horrors of Nazism; also examining the importance of Arendt's American years, including details about her life and her influence on contemporary philosophy, to Valerie Merians at Melville House, in a nice deal, by Grasset (World English)


Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's memoir, covering the strengths and weaknesses and successes and shortcomings of the Bush presidency "with refreshing candor," providing insider's perspective into the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, and more, to Lisa Kaufman at Public Affairs, for publication in spring 2008, by Craig Wiley of the Craig Wiley Agency (world).

Ivan Sanchez's NEXT STOP, about the author's search for identity and escape from chaos in the 80s Bronx where street wars and all-night symphonies of crime were as routine as the Number 4 train, to Sulay Hernandez at Touchstone Fireside, in a nice deal, by Jenoyne Adams at the Levine Greenberg Literary Agency (world).TV/film rights optioned to Lee Davis (co-creator/producer), Casper Martinez (executive producer/co-creator), Labid Aziz (executive producer), Luis Guzman (producer) and April Lee Hernandez (producer).


Film rights to Deborah Rodriguez and Kristin Ohlson's KABUL BEAUTY SCHOOL, to Columbia Pictures and producer Erwin Stoff, reportedly for mid-six-figure option, against a seven figure pick-up, at auction, by CAA, on behalf of Marly Rusoff & Associates.

John N. Maclean's FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN, a book about wildfire by the son of Norman Maclean, to National Geographic Films, by Jennifer Lyons of Lyons & Pande, in conjunction with Mike Cendejas of the Pleshette Agency.


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