Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Books...Mystery to Sports Undercover...

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:


Karen Weinreb's THE SUMMER KITCHEN, pitched as a cross between CHOCOLAT and UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN, about the unlikely friendship between a broke billionaire's young wife and her Spanish maid, how they revolutionize pastry making with such delights as their "Spanish Napolean", and emancipate themselves when they become business partners and open their own bakery, to Elizabeth Beier at St. Martin's, by Barbara Zitwer at Barbara Zitwer Agency (NA).

Journalist Sherry Jones's debut historical novel A'ISHA, BELOVED OF MUHAMMAD, set in seventh-century Arabia, the story of the favorite wife of the Prophet Muhammad, recreating her marriage at the age of nine, her struggle for personal freedom in a society where women had few rights, and her dedication to The Prophet's vision of a true faith, to Judy Sternlight for Ballantine, in a pre-empt, for two books, by Natasha Kern of the Natasha Kern Literary Agency (world).Rights:


Dan Waddell's THE BLOOD DETECTIVE, the first in a new mystery series featuring a genealogist as part of the investigative team of a series of murders in London, linked to a another set of murders committed more than 100 year prior, and BLOOD ATONEMENT, to Daniela Rapp at Minotaur, in a nice deal, by George Lucas at Inkwell Management, on behalf of Araminta Whitley at LAW (US).


Author of CATCH A WAVE: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson Peter Ames Carlin's biography of Paul McCartney, exploring his impact on music and culture, his personal triumphs and defeats, and his post-Beatles relationships with Lennon, Harrison, and Starr, to Zachary Schisgal at Touchstone Fireside, by Simon Lipskar at Writers House (world).


Resident of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward and a prominent voice in Spike Lee's HBO documentary, When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts Phyllis Montana Leblanc's NOT JUST THE LEVEES BROKE, an inspirational narrative account of Hurricane Katrina and life in its wake, with an introduction by Spike Lee, to Malaika Adero at Atria, in a pre-empt, by Erin Malone and Jennifer Rudolph Walsh at William Morris Agency (World).


Top referee in the National Basketball Association Bob Delaney's COVERT: The Undercover Life of Bob Delaney, NBA Official, about a long-secret life as an undercover agent for the New Jersey State Police infiltrating the Mafia, wearing a wire for more than three years to gather evidence that led to the conviction of more than thirty members of the Genovese and Bruno crime families, with a foreword from NBA great Bill Walton, to Philip Turner at Union Square Press/Sterling, for publication in February 2008, to Uwe Stender at TriadaUS Literary Agency (world)


Kris Waldherr's DOOMED QUEENS, a mordantly humorous world history of female regents who came to untimely ends, to Kris Puopolo at Broadway Doubleday, by Theresa Park at the Park Literary Group (World English).


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