Saturday, May 19, 2007

SDPD Range Master is...ummm...wrong...

From Voice of San Diego online:

SDPD Bullet Rations

A source of mine called me a couple of days ago and told me that the San Diego Police Department firing range is starting to get a bit more careful about handing out too many bullets to officers who come in to train.

Last month, I wrote this story about how ammunition has become harder to come by owing to the soaring price of certain raw materials and the strain put on supplies by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My source, a sworn police officer, told me that in the last couple of weeks the department has started to enforce its rule of 50 bullets per officer per month for training at the range.

Previously, he said, an officer could pretty much use as much ammunition as he needed.

That’s since been corroborated by two other sources, who clarified that it’s only .45 caliber ammunition that the range are getting short on. One officer told me the department is waiting for a shipment of .45 bullets.

I called Range Master Sgt. Ralph Garcia who told me that "absolutely nothing has changed," at the range.


Friday, May 18 -- 12:18 pm


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