Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well, drinkers...I guess you're next....

The National Institute of Health, in their radio broadcast Health Minute, has just announced that their researchers have done a study that links drinking alcohol with causing cancer.

Sounds as though drinkers can now prepare to join smokers in being in disgrace. People such as Deborah Kelly of the American Lung Institute undoubtedly have counterparts who will, for your own good health and the good health and safety of others, hound you to death...to say nothing about future suits against--oh, say the Jack Daniels people or the Coors people--to get money and more money to compensate for the medical costs of taking care of those dangerous drinkers. And of course, governments will have to tax drinks more heavily to "encourage" drinkers to quit.

What fun. Spare me from the righteous! What in the world will they do about taking wine at Communion in the Catholic Churches?!!!


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