Thursday, September 07, 2006

Watch listener reactions at Bush/Ahmadinejad duel.

From Financial Times:

Bush and Iran's president prepare to duel at UN
By Guy Dinmore in Washington
Published: September 7 2006 03:00 Last updated: September 7 2006 03:00

The scene is set for a clash of the "Great Satan" and the "axis of evil" at the United Nations this month when presidents George W. Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad address the general assembly on the same day, with the US pressing the world body to impose sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme.

The White House confirmed yesterday that the Iranian president would be granted a US visa to go to New York. "This will be the debate," a US official said, referring to Mr Ahmadi-Nejad's challenge to Mr Bush to hold a televised debate.

According to the UN agenda, Mr Bush is due to speak ahead of the Iranian president on September 19, the official noted.

Mr Ahmadi-Nejad attended the general assembly last year shortly after his election victory but only after US officials raised questions over his visa application following allegations - never substantiated - that he had played a role in the 1979-81 US embassy hostage crisis in Tehran.
Since then Mr Ahmadi-Nejad has been widely condemned for questioning the Holocaust and calling for Israel to be wiped off the map by Palestinians. However, the White House said that had no bearing on his visa application. The US has never denied a visa to a head of state to attend the UN general assembly, but did once refuse entry to Yassir Arafat, the Palestinian leader.

The US is pressing the UN to impose sanctions on Iran following its refusal to halt uranium enrichment by last week's UN-imposed deadline. China and Russia appear reluctant to move quickly with punitive measures, however, and this year's general assembly is likely to see intense lobbying by all sides.

Mr Ahmadi-Nejad told a cabinet meeting yesterday that the UN visit was a "good chance" for the debate and that the US side, if it wished, could bring advisers, according to his website.
On Tuesday Mr Bush launched a fierce personal attack on Mr Ahmadi-Nejad in a speech that equated what the US president called Shia Muslim extremists in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon (Hizbollah) with the threats presented by Sunni extremists affiliated to the al-Qaeda network. Iran and Iraq both have Shia majorities.

"We will not bow down to tyrants, and the world's free nations will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon," Mr Bush said, referring to the Iranian president.

Mr Bush first called Iran part of the "axis of evil" in 2002. Iranian leaders habitually refer to the US as the "Great Satan".

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Mycos said...

If you want to see the flip side, watch how Horowitz tries to distance himself from the statements of Ahminidjad on the need to purge the universities of liberals and the threat they are to our students sense of national identity. Their words can be literally transposed one one mouth to another, yet Horowitz is trying to revise history by first reinventing the "terrorist threat" from theocratic extremists into a fascist threat ("Islamo-fascist" is everywhere at FPM) and then taking our now stateless fascists (?) into left-wingers due the mention of "Socialist" in NSDAP. I'm sure having Hitler as a "wing-mate" proves somewhat embarrassing to our little homegrown wing-nut who keeps giving away his identity. He claims to have been a left-winger until the hippies wouldn't play with him anymore either, so like the intellectuals who wouldn't accept him he attacks them all with fantastic lies....lies so grand they are reminiscent of a Rovian masterpiece, yet so blunderous in practise as to make one wonder how a southpaw might pitch with a broken left arm.