Friday, September 08, 2006

No oversight on Intell...Mark everything SECRET!!!

From Secrecy News:


For the second year in a row, the U.S. Senate may fail to enact an intelligence authorization bill, effectively neutering the intelligence oversight process."The failure of the Senate to pass intelligence authorization for 2 years threatens to erode the ability of the Intelligence Committee to carry out the mission assigned to it by the Senate," said Sen. JayRockefeller (D-WV), the ranking member of the Committee, in a floor statement.

In an effort to compel Senate action on the intelligence bill, Sen.Rockefeller introduced an amendment that would strip out language in the Defense Appropriations bill that provides a nominal authorization for continuing intelligence activities.

See September 6 statements by Sen. Rockefeller and Sen. DianneFeinstein here:


In an attempt to limit unnecessary controls on unclassified information, Congress last year required the Department of Homeland Security to identify by title all DHS documents that were marked as "Sensitive Security Information" (SSI) that may not be publicly disclosed.

In response, the first DHS report to Congress listed approximately one thousand titles that had been marked as SSI between October 1 and December 31, 2005.

A copy of that report has just been released with minor redactions in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from the Federation of American Scientists.

See "Department of Homeland Security Documents Designated in Their Entirety as Sensitive Security Information (SSI), October 1 ThruDecember 31, 2005" (3.5 MB PDF):


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Mycos said...

And the sad fact is...these conclusions have been on the lips of anyone with any reasonings skills whatsoever from a time long before war had even started in Iraq. The deceit was always obvious. Bush does not have the motor skills nevertheless thinking skills, to put together the "Bush Doctrine". So we had to look behind him, and who was there? Declared Zionists with their Israel-first agenda, arch-conservatives with their Pax Americana, the much-feared Cheney "mafia" who have for many, many years had this strange knack for placing a "silent but alert" member of his office present at any meeting where the delegation of power was capable of proceeding from. We have Rove with his yearnings for a better time...for the Gilded Age when robber-barons were the law.
But what was most obvious about it all was how Bush somehow told us that the nuclear threat was not worthy enough to rescind Constitutional law, Geneva Protections, habeas corpus, etc., but somehow poorly equipped religious kooks were? How was such a monstrous lie swallowed by America? It is patently absurd on the very face of it, yet here we are. Why?
Did the site of the WTC falling down somehow paralyse Americas ability to smell a rat even when it was chewing on your very face? Sure, more are starting to see it now. But I hope it isn't too late. Men who have as little use for the concepts enshrined in the Constitution here or the Geneva Conventions anywhere, who would attack democracy with such ruthlessness, such casual ferocity...these are men who are without empathy, without a concept of egality or freedom. Utopia is just a word, not an end-game for these kind of people. Cultural psychopaths they are at a minimum. Many give every indication of being the clinical "real deal". They are very dangerous.