Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Running to replace Randy Cunningham....

So Randy Cunningham's voters in the wealthy, North County, heavily Republican, 50th District voted today. Polls have been closed for an hour and a half now, and so far, Dem Francine Busby has the most votes...but will she get 51%? Be very hard, with 17 candidates running against her.

Just saw the results of Monday's questionnaire 17 of the 18 candidates answered for the paper....the San Diego Union-Tribune. It had 7 questions dealing with Bush's taxes, abortion, gay marriage, gun control, immigration, stem cell research and whether Bush was right to invade Iraq. Not trusting electronic voting machines, I voted for Busby via mail in ballot.

Knowing what I think about each of the seven queries, I checked to see which candidate agreed with me. Was very surprised to find that two agreed with me on five of the seven. One was Busby, the other was a Republican...one Chris Young, a retired bank officer. If it weren't that the Dems really really need a majority in either or both of the House or Senate, I would have been fine if Republican Young should win Cunningham's seat. But that ain't the case. Under the current circumstances, the Repub majority has to go.

So I'll be checking online at www.nbcsandiego.com on and off for the rest of the evening to learn if Busby will win outright or if there will be a run-off and we'll vote again in November.


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