Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gas prices: A cousin in Canada replies....

Handy having a cousin living in Canada. Great info source. He emails:

You were asking about gas prices. Ours are high and getting higher. Our gas is sold by the litre here in Canada. It used to be sold by the Imperial gallon, and at that time it was priced at .49 cents per gallon. I was in the petrolium business for 17 years, ( hauling bulk fuels) .

Then our damned government at that time introduced the metric sytem here, and every thing went metric. Now all our petrolium products are sold only in Litres.

Our average price of regular gas today in town here is $ 1.089 per litre. Add 5.5 cents for the higher Octane depending on what youre car or truck uses. My car uses the standard octane 87, and it holds 70 litres, so if it's near emty, I'm looking at a 75.00 dollar bill to fill.

Anyway, if you're looking at Imperial gallons at this price, it's $ 1.089 X 4.546 litres = $ 4.95 per gallon. If you're talking U S gallons at the same price it's $ 1.089 X3.785 litres = $ 4.12 per gal.



SheaNC said...


Hey, Watch n' Wait, this is off-topic, but I would be interested in hearing your Canadian cousin's thoughts on socialized medicine (I think they have it up there..?). I've heard people from there and Britain say, regardless of its imperfections, they are glad to have it.

Watch 'n Wait said...

Good idea, Shea...Will ask him just that and will post what he has to say. He's lived there all his Calgary, Ontario, so he should have a homegrown take on that situation. Will email him now and hope he gets a chance to tell us right quick.

SheaNC said...

That sounds good. I think we really need a universal health care system of some kind in the U.S., but politicians seem to consider the subject poison.