Saturday, April 15, 2006

I wonder...

Had a question cross my mind today: What is Bush gonna do with himself once he's out of office?

Asked a writer friend what she thought and she said: "I think for the rest of his life, twig is gonna have to just putter on his acerage. Unless it's repugs, I can't imagine anyone wanting to pay him to speak, nor any foreign country wanting to host him. We'll all just have to keep making do with Clinton and Carter."

Consider former Presidents Clinton and Carter...welcomed wherever they go. Respected wherever they go. Traveling out in the world doing good things. Writing books that are very well received.

There's no way, with half the nation and most of the world hating his guts, that Bush could do the same. I can't see him traveling...somebody would shoot his ass. He's certainly not going to be respected...not with the evil he's caused. He can't even get out a decent sentence. No way he could write a book, and if he did, how many people would want to pay their hard-earned money for it?

The world is not going to want to see his face or hear his voice ever again.

So the question remains...what's he gonna do? And where?

Will he try to bull his way back into DC under some pretext? I don't think people would rush to entertain him or seek his advice. In fact, because of who he is and what he's done, I'd be very surprised if anyone would even want to be seen in his company.

Who would come to the opening celebration of a library of his? In Texas? In Midland?

Maybe the oil corporations' big wheels. But why? Out of office, he'd be no use to them.

Wherever is he going to find a stage to strut and preen and muscle his way onto?

My sympathy goes to the Secret Service people who'd be stuck with him for years.

Bottom line: I'm very grateful that I am not him.


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