Monday, January 09, 2012

It's Seaport Village...

I go walkin' down at Seaport Village every Mon, Wed, Fri. From the parking lot, I stroll thru the village to the boardwalk. I'm heading toward the sidewalk that leads out on N. Embarcadero Island in San Diego's harbor. On the way, I stop to chat with the guy who stacks rocks. Balances them atop one another, using their pointed ends. He's just amazing. Talk about steady hands. I couldn't do that with a gun at my head...and I doubt many of the other folks who have stopped to watch could either.

Walk a bit further and stop to chat with Jerry, the artist. He immediately tells me who he's drawn so far that day. When it's very quiet, he'll get up and stand on some of the rocks along the water and chant, or blow his flute. I think it's a flute anyway. May be another name for it. Who knows?

After Jerry, I hang a right and start the trip out on the island. The sidewalk used to be bordered with thick bushes, but they cut them all down, so now the view of the harbor is unimpeded. Can look across the water to the North Island Naval Base, and until yesterday, the big nuclear aircraft carrier, #76, the Ronald Reagan, was anchored over there. They'd planned to sail out and head for Washington State a couple of evenings ago, but heavy fog moved in and so the ship stayed put until yesterday morn or the morn before. I forget which. Seems strange to look over and see no ship there.

In any case, once I get back to Seaport's boardwalk, I turn left and stroll down the boardwalk until a right turn brings me to the Seaport Deli. Take the brick sidewalk around it's side, mount 3 steps and into the deli for a sandwich and coffee. Then back out that same back door to the table against the wall in the corner. There's half a tree there where up on a branch sits Big Bird. And he really is. A black crowned heron about the size of a big fat chicken. Sits on a branch and casts a dead level look straight out at the harbor. Meanest look I've ever seen on a bird. He has a long, very sharp black beak and round black eyes that are about as cold as I've ever seen anywhere. He is some bird. And arrogant as can be.

So there at the corner table I sit and watch the folks in the food court...the plaza...just below the porch and on the other side of the sidewalk and hedge. On the far side of the plaza is a stage and behind the stage is the carousel. Ringing the plaza are other little food shops and the fudge factory...which is almost NEVER empty. Huge big tree in the center of the plaza and surrounded with at least a dozen round concrete tables with curved, backless benches around them.

When the plaza is full of people, it's quite a sight. They come from countries all over the world, speaking all kinds of languages, wearing everything from strapless dresses to jeans to name it, the men, women and kids are wearing it. So funny...most of the San Diegans, if the breeze over the harbor is even a little chilly, are bundled up...while all those other folks are stripped down.

And so I head for home at about 4PM. Back to peace and quiet. Seaport is quite a place.


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