Thursday, July 09, 2009

On the Back Porch at Seaport Village in San Diego..

I went walking down at Seaport Village this afternoon. Walked out on N Embarcadero and back, ending up, as always, on the big wooden back porch of the Seaport Deli. It faces the small plaze full of concrete tables and benches with the carousel on the far side and the Fudge Factory, etc on the side. Big trees shading. Great place for people watching since it was over-flowing with all kinds of citizens and visitors.

I go in the Deli, get my coffee and head out on the back porch to enjoy. And there I see two couples and the about 5 year old son of one of them, sitting at a plaza table. The men have gone over to the hot dog place and brought back food.

The 5 year old sees a sparrow on the ground, so tosses a couple of chunks of hot dog bun down for the bird. Those chunks had no sooner hit the ground than out of the trees swooped about 30 birds...sea gulls, pigeons, sparrows...all in one big cloud of squawks and wings just a flappin'. Flat out descended on those chunks of bread. Came down so fast, the one man yelled, "GEEZUS", the women shrieked, and the little boy yelled, "WHAT DID I DO????" I thought I'd die laughing. Liked to have scared the crap out of that little guy.

Ah, how I love people watching from that back porch!


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