Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now at home...No Problem Killing...

From truthout.org ....

Casualties of War, Part II: Warning Signs
Monday 27 July 2009

by: Dave Philipps | Visit article original @ The Colorado Springs Gazette

In the back of an armored vehicle at a base in Baquba, Iraq, a soldier leans his head on his rifle. It sometimes proves difficult for soldiers to leave behind the violent mindset of war upon returning home. (Photo: Getty Images)

After coming home from Iraq, 21-year-old medic Bruce Bastien was driving with his Army buddy Louis Bressler, 24, when they spotted a woman walking to work on a Colorado Springs street.

Bressler swerved and hit the woman with the car, according to police, then Bastien jumped out and stabbed her over and over.

It was October 2007. A fellow soldier, Kenneth Eastridge, 24, watched it all from the passenger seat.

At that moment, he said, it was clear that however messed up some of the soldiers in the unit had been after their first Iraq deployment, it was about to get much worse.

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"I have no problem with killing," said Eastridge, a two-tour infantryman with almost 80 confirmed kills. "But I won't just murder someone for no reason. He had gone crazy."


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