Friday, June 26, 2009

More on Vic Villalpando's new book: "The Illicit Americans"...

Here's a follow up on Dr. Villalpando's book, "The Illicit American" via feedback from readers:

"Stunning and riviting. I couldn't put it down until I read the last page."---Gary Simpson, San Diego

"Dr Villalpando's writing style is dynamic and captivating, and I hope that Mr. Archuleta has him write the sequel if one is planned."---Dannez Hunter, Los Angeles

"Other than gasp from the shocking drama, I also laughed hysterically at the humorous repartee of the callous, but rather heroic and lovable smugglers."---Frank Huttlinger, Orange County

"Villalpando's writing talent made Archuleta's horrific epic into a compelling read that not only entertained me, it also stirred my conscience on current immigration issues."---Guadalupe Castanos, Yuma

"The Hispanic vernacular is right-on! It's the best I've read."---Al Velasco, San Diego

"Gripping...Panoramic...A tour de force." ---Janet Keller, La Mesa


No question about it...I have to have this book. And seems to me that since he's decided to deal with immigration before the end of this year, Obama needs to read it too.


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