Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Madder than hell here...

I don't know what's happening elsewhere, but here in San Diego, we're getting ripped off en masse at the grocery stores.

Hadn't gone in one lately, but when I entered Von's a couple of days ago, it took about 3 minutes to send me into a fit. Practically everything they have on their shelves has been minaturized. I mean, they're small. Tiny cans, tiny containers, little slices of cheese...you name it, it's shrunk something fierce but the prices stayed the same.

But hey...the prices didn't. I was in a state of shock when I walked out. So decided to check Keil's. Same thing!!! What the hell is this?

And gas up to $2.79 9/10's a gallon this morning.

Greed reigns, people.

So gonna now check out the farmer's markets. At least those people earn their money the hard way.


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