Monday, June 22, 2009

Aggravated is an understatement....

Just amazing how much paper stuff has accumulated in my office!

Been going thru stacks and stacks of paper and throwing most of it in the recycling bin. And seeing dust in every crack and crevice.

That's a major problem in a home office unless one develops a system of sorting from the word go. One doesn't and one gets piles of paper that can set there for a year or more.

Had to laugh at a Navy SEAL I know, who has the habit of making little stacks of paperwork around the house. His wife has threatened him with everything but a decent death if he doesn't get rid of them. This he doesn't understand. "But they're very neat!" he says. Which means, of course, that all edges are straight and precise. SEALs are very neat and precise, but in this case, that is not gonna help him one little bit.

I have two desks in here. The one I'm sitting facing now is a real desk and the computer owns it. Then there's a table of the same size behind me that functions as the phone desk. Would that there would be only the phone on it...but no. The phone doesn't take up much space at all, thus other good and useful things have accumulated.

Like a row of books along the back of it, which is up against the bookshelf wall. The shelves go to the ceiling and have been mounted on the wall. More, I don't believe I can fit another book on any of them. Talk about dust collectors! Ah me.

Even worse, there's a shag rug wall to wall on the floor. Sort of a golden color. No vacuum we own can really clean that thing. And it sheds and totally plugs the vacuum. This is not a happy situation.

Got a big club chair in here too. So big it takes two men to move it...and it doesn't go down the hallway until the legs have been removed.

There's a reason this blog's name is Aggravated.


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