Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something for everyone in this great mix of books...

From Publishers Lunch Weekly:

Jane Berentson's ANOMALIES OF WAR, an irreverent and buoyant chronicle of Annie Harper's life on the home front while her boyfriend is deployed to Iraq, to Kendra Harpster at Viking, in a very nice deal, by Sally Wofford-Girand at Brick House (NA).

Elle Newmark's debut THE BOOK OF UNHOLY MISCHIEF, in which a penniless orphan living in Venice at the dawn of the Renaissance is taken in as apprentice to the chef at the doge's palace and while learning the alchemy of cooking, finds himself entangled in the search for an ancient tome rumored to contain secrets of immeasurable power, to Emily Bestler at Atria, at auction, in a two-book deal, by Dorian Karchmar of the William Morris Agency.


Two books in NYT bestselling author Walter Mosley's new mystery series featuring Leonid McGill, an African-American private investigator in New York (introduced in his short story "Karma"), and a literary novel, to Sean McDonald at Riverhead, by Gloria Loomis at Watkins Loomis (world).


Gayle Lynds' THE BOOK OF SPIES and a sequel, the first books in an espionage series based on the Library of Gold, the little-known vanished royal library of Ivan the Terrible, to Keith Kahla at St. Martin's, for publication in summer 2009, by Aaron Priest and Lisa Vance at Aaron Priest Literary Agency (NA).


Winner of the Barnes and Noble Discover Award for HEAVEN LAKE, John Dalton's THE INVERTED FOREST, in which a transgressive crime and retribution takes place in a special needs summer camp for adults, to Colin Harrison at Scribner, by Lisa Bankoff at ICM (NA).

An original graphic novel set in the world of Diana Gabaldon's bestselling Outlander series, written by Gabaldon and illustrated in color by Hoang Nguyen, to Betsy Mitchell at Del Rey, by Russell Galen at Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency.


Tom Clavin and Danny Peary's OUTSIDE MAN, a biography of Yankees great Roger Maris that goes beyond the thrilling season of 1961 to explore Maris' complicated relationship with his teammates and the New York media, to Zachary Schisgal at Touchstone Fireside, in a pre-empt, by Jennifer Unter at RLR Associates (NA).


Jim Lahey's MY BREAD: The Secrets, The Philosophy, and The Recipes From The Sullivan Street Bakery, written with Richard Flaste, including his revolutionary no-knead method of bread baking, to Maria Guarnaschelli at Norton, in a pre-empt, by Janis Donnaud at Janis A. Donnaud & Associates (world English).


Geriatrician and director of Cornell's Center for Aging Research and Clinical Care Mark Lachs M.D.'s IF I ONLY KNEW I WOULD LIVE THIS LONG: An Insider's Guide For Boomers and Their Parents to Get the Most From An Ageist Health Care System, to Wendy Wolf at Viking, at auction, by Janis Donnaud at Janis A. Donnaud & Associates (NA).

Salon blogger and NYT bestselling author of A TRAGIC LEGACY Glenn Greenwald's GREAT AMERICAN HYPOCRITES, a book anticipating the 2008 Presidential elections that examines the Republican marketing/myth-making machinery that consistently (and heretofore successfully) positions its candidates as paragons of virtues that few if any of the candidates actually possess, to Sean Desmond at Crown, for publication in April 2008, by Dan Conaway at Writers House (World).

American Heritage editor-in-chief Richard Snow's DE: America's War in the Atlantic, about America's role in the Battle of the Atlantic during the Second World War, to Colin Harrison at Scribner, at auction, by Emma Sweeney (NA).


Cartoon books from The New Yorker, beginning with a book based on the caption contest running in the magazine for publication in fall 2008, and five additional books over the next five years, to Kirsty Melville at Andrews McMeel, by Bob Mankoff at The Cartoon Book.


Myles J. Connor, Jr., and novelist Jenny Siler's HONOR AMONG THIEVES, pitched as a Catch Me If You Can-style memoir by the Boston criminal mastermind long assumed to be responsible for the biggest art theft in American history, the 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist, to Bruce Nichols at Collins, for publication in 2009, by Dan Conaway at Writers House (NA).

Meehan Crist's EVERYTHING AFTER, a memoir with reporting that uses the story of Crist's mother's brain injury, and her subsequent struggle to remain in her public and familial roles, as the center of an exploration into the history of neuroscience and studies of consciousness and the brain, to George Hodgman at Houghton Mifflin, for publication in 2010, by Kris Dahl at ICM.

Magazine editor Jennifer Steil's memoir of the life-changing year she spent running a newspaper in Yemen, chronicling the intense power struggles, hilarious culture clashes, and surprising friendships she encountered there, and drawing a portrait of daily life in a remote Arab country struggling toward democracy, to Kris Puopolo at Broadway, in a pre-empt, by Brettne Bloom at Kneerim & Williams (world).


Screenwriter David Jaher's THE WITCH OF LIME STREET, depicting the real-life confrontation between world-famous magician Houdini and a beautiful Boston- brahmin psychic medium, casting a light on a moment in American history when science seemed on the verge of embracing the paranormal, to Rick Horgan at Crown, in a pre-empt, for publication in early 2010, by Tina Bennett of the Janklow & Nesbit (NA).


Robert Gordon's RESPECT YOURSELF: Stax Records and the Independent Spirit, an engaging history of the renowned soul music label that gave birth to Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Booker T and MGs, and many others, to Kathy Belden at Bloomsbury, in a very nice deal, for publication in Fall 2010, by David Dunton at Harvey Klinger (World).


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